Monday, April 16, 2012

Full Circle 53

This Full Circle began with Tulla, clearing out some old photos she had purchased in an Antique Shop.   She mailed me the photos.  I featured the photo.  Abra left a message on Ancestry for a family tree holder.

Harold and Hazel from Tulla

Harold and Hazel Hamm  Photo Number 726

I heard from Jeff.

Hi, I am Jeff----  Abra on Emailed me the end of last year about your photo.
The places and names fit my family and origin. Harold Hamm would have been my great grandfather, he died the year before I was born.
I talked to my grandfather, now 87 years old, and he had an Aunt Hazel, But unfortunately, she's been gone a long time too.
I had some family show Grandpa the photo, and he said it looks similar to one he had seen before, and followed with a comment about his memory and that he could just have the memory of some other photo.
I really suspect that this would be a photo of my great grandfather as a child, as the info fits pretty perfectly, but I am afraid that anyone that would be able to verify it 100 percent is probably gone.
Thanks for posting the picture, it is pretty neat what you are doing!
Thank you,

I asked him if he would like to have the photo.

Thank you,
I would love to have it, as I am pretty sure that the picture is my family.
I would be happy to pay you a fair price for the photo or postage if necessary let me know.
Thank you for finding me. Its a pretty neat thing you are doing with the old photos!

I mailed it off.

I got the photo you sent, thank you very much!

Jeff also asked me if I had a paypal account..I do not.  Some people will send a dollar or two for postage..any extra cash that is sent to me I use to rescue more photos with names.   It is all about kindness and sharing and returning the forgottens to family. 

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Such a cute couple kids! I'm glad Abra magic got this one home again!

    P.s., I love the new banner - that family on the left must of been a handful for the parents!

  2. Such a sweet photo and a great full circle.

  3. Good manners, Jeff. You were taught well. Nice "Full Circle" segment today.

  4. I do the same thing with photographs I can trace. People are so amazed that I just want the photograph to be cared for by someone who is associated with it. It's a rescue of someone's history. When they do send money, I do as you do also. I just apply it toward rescuing another photograph.

    Good work!

  5. Class act Jeff! You're a credit to your parents.

  6. What a great story, and such a lovely photo. So nice to see it going back to family. Kudos all around!

  7. So glad this adorable photograph made its way home! I so wish you would take a Florida vacation some bitter winter and find some long-lost family pics that could turn out to be my relatives! :)

  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy another photo has found its way home.

  9. I love the full circle stories. These are darling children and now they have a home. It makes me feel good knowing that. You've really reunited a family.


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