Friday, May 19, 2017

Full Circle 156

This Full Circle began when Karen left a comment on the blog. “Christian Milsten is a brother in law to my great uncle. Is this picture still available?  Thank you.” She contacted me by email and I mailed the photo to her.Mrs Chris Milstin DL antNumber 2002 (2)
Mrs Chris Milsten  Photo Number 2002
I mailed the photo and Karen said she would get back to me with some family info. 

Hi Connie:  I apologize for the delay in sending you info on Helene.   I have 2 relatives who married  sisters to Christian Milsten. Helene was married to Christian Milsten.  Christian was a brother in law to my 1st cousin, 2 times removed.  His name was Gunder Pladsen.  Gunder was married to Randine Milsten who is a younger sister of Christian.  We remain in touch with the Pladsen relative who now live by Watford City, ND.

Then my great uncle, Ole Aasen married Mari Milsten who was a younger sister of Christian's.  Ole was an uncle to my Dad.  They moved to Melfort, Saskatchwan.  Ole and Mari had 9 children.  We keep in touch with this branch of the family also.
According to Christian Milsten's obituary:  He was 
a most highly respected citizen of Gary, MN.  He came to this country at the age of 21 and settled in Freeborn County.  He was married to Helena on 12/28/1876.  Helena and he moved to Norman County in 1880 where they settled on their homestead n the town of Strand.  They lived there for 10-12 years.  Then they bought a farm in Bear Park where lived for a few years.  Then they moved to Gary went into business.  Christian died before Helena.  They had no children.

That is a short summary of how Helena Hanson is related to us.  Thank you for the picture.

It is wonderful when relatives give us a little insight into their relatives lives!
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  1. Another happy ending! Thank you for doing this wonderful blog and reuniting photos with family.

  2. Full Circles make me happy. Congratulations

  3. So exciting to see another photo returned home to family--especially to someone who cares enough to keep track of all these distant relatives. Congratulations on another Full Circle, Connie! What you do is inspiring!


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