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Photo Number 2907

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Hanson group DL ant
Meet the Hanson Family.
Hanson group DL ant back
There were many names and birthdates on the back.  I did a little research…and linked a few names with the parents at Find A Grave.  I was unsure that it was just one family but at Family Search I found the information that corresponded to what is on the back of the photos.
The photographer was J.A Fuller in Albert Lea Minn He was in Albert Lea from 1873 onward.
Here is the info on the back.
Hans Hanson 10 June 1827            Kari Olsen  29 Dec  1829
Ole Hanson  21  1855                       Anne Hanson 26 Dec 1850
Carl Andias 22 Oct 1856                Heline Hanson 18 Dec 1852
Peter Hanson 21 Aug 1858           Mari Hanson 18 Dec 1852
Adolph William 4 Feb 1860         Berthe Louise 23 Nov 1864
Hans Tomes 16 Sep 1865             Karoline Maria 22 Sept 1867
Albert Hanson  14 April 1874      Ingeborg  25 Sep 1869
Martin Fredrick 3 July 1876            Randine Soffie 16 Dec 1871
Ok Now here is the info I found.   I will guess that this photo was taken prior to part of the family moving to Northern Minnesota., I think that the photo was taken about 1879 - 1880.
Hans Hanson 10 June 1827 Norway  - 1912
Kari Olson 29 Dec 1829 Norway – 28 July 1916
They were married 12 Nov 1850. Boith are buried at Lerdal Freeborn Co Minnesota.
15 Children;
Anna Hanson 26 Dec 1850 Norway – 1 Aug 1912 Canada
Helen Hanson (Twin) 13 Dec 1852 Wisconsin  -1 Feb 1938 Norman County Minnesota
Mary Hanson (Twin) 13 Dec 1852 Wisconsin – 6 Jan 1886 Norman County Minnesota
Ole Hanson 21 Jan 1855 Iowa – 23 March 1915  Buried in Sundal Cemetery Norman County Minnesota
Married Carrie Brown 1857-1930 Children Louis, Ida, Cora and Helmer
Carl Andrias Charley Hanson 22 Oct 1856 Iowa – 6 Feb 1943 Polk County Minnesota
Peter Henry Hanson 21 Aug 1858 Minn – 4 Dec 1937 Polk County Minn Buried Sundal Cemetery Norman County Minnesota  Married Mary Fossum Hanson  Children Clara, Henry and Maud
Adolphus Wilhelm Hanson 4 Feb 1860 Minn – 8 Oct 1936 Portland Oregon  He was a Physician and a Surgeon.  He married Caroline 1860-1930 They had two children a daughter named Mrs Arthur Olson and a son named Halmer or Elbie as both names are listed in the parents obits.
Bertha Hanson 1861- 1863 Freeborn Co Minnesota
Bertha Louise Hanson 23 Nov 1863 – 21 May 1917 Polk County Minnesota
Hans Thomas Hanson 16 Sept 1865 – 4 Aug 1941 Los Angeles California
Caroline Marie Hanson 1867 Minnesota  - 1910
Emma Ingeborg 1869-1895 Freeborn County Minnesota Buried  East Freeborn Church Cemetery
Randine Sophia Hanson 16 Oct 1871- 24 May 1964 California Buried San Gabrial Cemetery Los Angeles
Albert Hanson  14 April 1874 Freeborn Co Minn 30 Dec 1950 Freeborn Co MN Buried in East Freeborn Church Cemetery
Martin Hanson 3 July 1876 Freeborn Co Minnesota – 26 July 1953 Becker County Minnesota
This is quite a family treasure.  I hope someday someone shows up for it.  It is about 138 years old.
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  1. Wow, this would definitely be a treasure for some family.

  2. Yes it is quite a treasure. It certainly is time for another Full Circle to occur, as well. There is someone out there who would just love to find this photo with all those names and dates so diligently included.

  3. Just sent a message about the photo to a person with a tree on Ancestry that includes this family. Hope they respond! This is such an awesome photo.

  4. What a wonderful picture! You don't often see such a crown of people in a formal studio photo, do you?

    Question—slightly off-topic. Do you know of any old-photo blogs similar to yours that are based in the New York/New England area? I'm a bit of an amateur genealogist and I've always daydreamed of stumbling upon an ancestor's photo on a blog like yours; but most of your pictures seem to come from the Midwest and all of my ancestry is based in the Northeast.


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