Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Photo Number 2827

Here are two photos from Sasha.

They may be wedding photographs of relatives.

Sasha 11

sasha 12

The first photo was taken somewhere around  1910 give or take a few years.  The second one about 1940 give or take a few years.

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  1. Is the "Mazo Lomax" printed on the bottom right of the second photo the name of the photographer? It almost looks like a handwritten entry.

    1. Okay, just found the answer to my own question. If Mazo Lomax was the photographer, it was a woman from Columbus, Indiana...at least that's what it looks like from a quick Google tour of possibilities. Wonder if that's enough to help Sasha pinpoint who the mysterious relatives might have been...

    2. I think Jacqi found the woman photographer.

      I wonder how a place just south of Indianapolis ties in with the Twin Cities around 1900.


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