Friday, January 5, 2018

Photo Number 2823

I have a number of photos with no names that are all from The Minneapolis St Paul area.  

I was contacted by email one day.


I have a small pile of photos that might be precious to someone…. They are all from studios in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Someone in the newsroom had them and I didn’t have the heart to donate them for random art.

As someone who’s done the painstaking work of genealogy, I know how rewarding it can be to rediscover a lost shard of family history.

May I mail them to you?

Thanks so much,


I told her to mail them to me.  I think that some of the photos are of the same people. 

Sasha one

A Cabinet Card.  The photographer was Lee and Co. 313 Washington Ave S Minneapolis

Lee and Co was a partnership between Levi Lee and Henry Boetcher and they were in business together from 1895 to 1896 then Levi got himself and new partner and moved just down the street to 307 Washington Ave S…then known as Lee and Koons.

Sasha 2

A photo from around 1900-1905 taken by Larson at 313 Washington Ave South Minneapolis Minn

Curious that they had the same address.  Anton Larson was in business at that address from 1882 to 1905.  Could be that he rented out part of his studio to Lee and Co. in 1895-1896.

If these two gentleman in the photos are not one and the same then they are related.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. They do look like the same man to me.

  2. How wonderful that Sasha thought to send them to you. She is right: there are a lot of us who keep wishing that someone would discover a lost "shard" of our family history, too. Here's hoping some of Sasha's pictures can find their way home from here!


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