Saturday, January 6, 2018

Photo Number 2824

These are more photos from Sasha.  Sadly they are not marked.

Sasha 3 

Another Cabinet Card by Larson at 313 Wash Ave S  Minneapolis  Minn   Larson was at that address from 1882-1905.

Sasha 4

Two gentlemen and a young lady.  The photo is from Metropolitan Studio at 307 Wash Ave S   My best guess is that this is a photo taken about 1899-1902.  This photo has seen more wear, I could find no information on this photo studio….perhaps they were not in business very long.

Do you think the gentleman in the first photo looks like the gentleman in the second photo?

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  1. I agree that the man on the left in the second photo looks a lot like the man in the first photo.

  2. Stage left? The man on the right looks like the guy from yesterday. :)


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