Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Photo Number 2801

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Fergus Falls Minnesota.

Bennie Plane Crash FF ant

A plane crash in the snow.  I think the wing number is NC20201 

Bennie Plane Crash FF ant back

Bennie Bendickson Airplane Crash

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Possibly this is Bernard Oliver Bendickson born Feb 5 1890 and died Dec 6 1950


  1. Also a possibility: Bennie Albright Bendickson (1903-1972). Resided in Otter Tail, MN.

  2. Alternately, it is a Bendickson with some other first name and "Bennie" is just a nickname. For example:

    Earl Morris Bendickson
    Birth 16 Jan 1924
    Death 6 Dec 2004

    was called Bennie.


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