Monday, December 11, 2017

Photo Number 2800

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Perc addelle ruby chas etc DL ant
This is the group that we have had before…The Princeton Group that visits the Detroit Lakes area and Tamarac  National Wildlife Refuge.  I have a feeling that one or more of the gals might be from Detroit Lakes.
Perc addelle ruby chas etc DL ant back
Jan 21, 1939 Chas, Ruby, Perc, Addle, Roy + Vic O’Salle  Princeton Minn
I have a number of photos of Chas.  If a relative of his comes along they would get a wonderful bunch of old photos.

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  1. The misspelled and/or nick names make this one a toughie.

  2. Perhaps:

    Percy Johnson
    Gender: Male
    Death Age: 93
    Birth Date: 4 Feb 1916
    Death Date: 19 Feb 2009
    Newspaper Title: Princeton Union-Eagle
    Newspaper Place: Princeton, Minnesota, USA
    Spouse: Adeline
    Children: Gwen Benham; Kent
    Siblings: Patty Furney

  3. There is a Clarence Victor Ossell born 16 Jan 1916. He was living in Princeton in 1940. It's a long shot, but you never know!

  4. Not a long shot. Read the history!

  5. History

    Established in 1958.

    Ossell's retail history dates back 55 years when Louise and Vic Ossell, with her cousin Percy Johnson and Wife, Adel, opened Ossell & Johnson Department Store in 195. It carried everything small-town Minnesota needed. The Johnsons retired in 1979 and left ownership of the building and retail store to the Ossell Family, which has nurtured the business into a retail niche. Carol and Charlie are the current owners and Kelly Louise-Ossell Guptil, granddaughter to Vic and Louise, is the full time manager and buyer.

    1. I sent the store an email, now we wait. Thanks MJM and Iggy:)

    2. I have many photos of this same group of I hope someone out there wants some of the photos.
      Now it seems we are looking for Percy Johnson, Adeline Johnson and Clarence Victor Ossell

  6. I think Adeline is in Photo Number 1329 too.

    1. Yes and her group has many other photos on this blog. At last count I have 30 photos but not all have been on the blog.


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