Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photo Number 2597

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Ida Zielinger DL ants

Ida Zielinger DL ants back

Ida Zeilinger

This is an Azo Postcard used from 1904 to 1918.

Perhaps this is the same lady that I featured on Mother’s Day…an AZO postcard that was used from 1926 to 1940.

Ida Zielinger and Buddy DL ant Number 2595

Ida Zeilinger and Buddy Photo Number 2595

Ida Augusta Sabina Zeilinger
Event Type: Baptism
Birth Date: 22 Nov 1897
Baptism Date: 25 Nov 1897
Baptism Place: Shelby, Iowa
Father: Reverend John Leonard Zeilinger (FindAGrave 21412833)
Mother: Emilie Gauger
Church Name: Zion
Church Location: La Porte City, Iowa

Ida A Crites November 22 1897-Aug 8 1993
Wife of Harry A Crites
Buried Jefferson Barracks Natl Cemetery Lemay Missouri

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  1. I sent a couple messages through ancestry. Hopefully someone will swing by and give a story to these Forgotten Photos! :-)

  2. I can confirm the birthdate and place for Ida Zeilinger. Ida is the sister-in-law of my 1st great aunt. Thank you for finding me and sharing this photo.
    I don't understand why the church and the baptism are located over 200 miles apart. Did Rev. Zeilinger serve several churches in Iowa? Also, my records show that John Zeilinger was married to M. R. Silverhorn, not Emilie Gauger.

    FYI, Ida's older brother Asmus became a missionary in Tanzania in the 20's and during WW II.

    Thanks again,
    David Fleer

    1. I believe he was married twice first to Rosina M about 1874 they had eight children. Rosina M Silverhorn died about 1891 Then about 1895 he married Emilie Gauger and they had four children.
      here is the link to that information.

  3. Wow I have been looking through family photos with no names! My Great grandma Edna was Ida's sister.. I just got a box of photos and negatives and now I can place face with name!


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