Saturday, May 20, 2017

Full Circle 157

This Full Circle began with an email. A relative found the photo and emailed me.
I am contacting you to let you know the gentleman in the picture #2525 of your files is a relative of mine.
Hiram Rodee was my great-great Grandfather. My mother was a Rodee. Her father Floyd Rodee and Elizabeth Scott (the name with the picture) were siblings.
I would love to acquire the photo if possible. I can even see if any of Elizabeths family would care to have it.
Please let me know how to proceed.
Hiram Rodee Craigs Number 2525
Hiram Rodee Craigs back Number 2525
Hiram Rodee Photo Number 2525
I was happy to mail the photo to Tim.
I heard from him by email.

I think what you are doing is such a great thing. My mother, Hirams great granddaughter, would be so pleased. She passed away 8 years ago. She was very proud of her Rodee roots. Hiram's descendants still hold reunions, both in South Dakota and New York.

Yes I will send you more information about Hiram and his family when I have a little more time.
Again, thank you,

I mailed off the photo.

I have received your package last Thursday and am so happy to have Hiram back in the family where he belongs.

Hiram A. Rodee was born in New York state in 1837. He was a school teacher for a short time before he took up the grain milling trade. Both his father and grandfather were millers also.
He started his family in New York. He married his wife Cornelia and they had four children, Mary Adele, Leslie, Henry, and Hiram. Henry was my Great Grandfather.

Henry had four children. two of which were Floyd, my grandfather and Elizabeth, (Bessie) the name referenced on the back of the picture.

​Hiram homesteaded in Dakota Territory in 1880 settling near what is now Forrestburg, SD. He was active in local government being appointed as one of the first county commissioners, for Sanborn County. Hiram passed away in 1918. He is buried at Artesian, SD. Some of his descendants still live there in the family home.

Again I want to thank you for your efforts and wish you well.

I am happy that Hiram made the Full Circle trip back to relatives too!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Another photo no longer forgotten! Keep up the great work, Connie!

  2. Congratulations on another full circle. My husband is from Artesian SD and we lived there for 30 years. Neither of us is familiar with this family name but we still found this so interesting.

  3. So neat to hear the back story from family members, themselves. Congratulations on another Full Circle. Wow. When it rains, it pours ;)


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