Sunday, August 21, 2016

Photo Number 2334

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Sylvan Lake Dl ant

Two men at the edge of a lake.

Sylvan Lake Dl ant back

I’ll send you Meg the pictures Ray took This is at Sylvan Lake  I am having same finished in color by The National Photo Co of Janesville Wisc.  Taken on trip into the Black Hills Sept 47

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  1. So the family was having the photos colorized? I guess I'd never thought of that as being a commercial service offered to everyone. It always seemed like the personal touch of someone's artsy hobby to me. There's a lot more to the history of photography than I realized, I guess.

  2. Do the lakes in Minnesota look like this? I was thinking more like Wisconsin (Dells)...until I saw it says Black Hills SD.

    Sylvan Lake still looks much like it did in 1947,


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