Thursday, August 11, 2016

Photo Number 2324

This is a photo from the antique shop in Elizabeth Minnesota.  It is not in the best shape but it has a name on the back.

Myra Koerner Wright Eliz ant

Myra Koerner Wright Eliz ant back

Myra Koerner Wright

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  1. My favorite find: An old photograph headed for oblivion. A true rescue.

  2. Possibly (but I can't confirm this):

    Almira "Myra" K. Wright
    Birth 31 OCT 1893 • St. Cloud, Stearns, MN
    Death 24 MAR 1970 • Los Angeles County, CA

  3. Finding photos like these in antique shops is like finding ancestors thrown away. Who could have passed her one, ancestor or not: she is so gorgeous. I do wonder how little girls (and/or their mothers) kept those big bows in their hair. I have several of my mom with huge bows. I should have asked her.

    I hope a relative finds Myra's photo and claims her. She deserves a home.


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