Monday, August 29, 2016

Full Circle 150

This is a Full Circle that began back in May.  Robert left a comment on my blog and from there he emailed me.

Hello Connie
I was excited to see photos of some of my ancestors from Sweden. E.G.O. Hoglund was my great grandfathers brother. I have been searching my Swedish family as my daughter is living and teaching there and I now have a Swedish grand daughter. It would be nice to take the photos to Sweden with me this July. Please let me know the cost to send them. Thanks in advance.

Eric G O Hogland Crooston ant Number 2076 (2)
Photo Number 2076  Erick Hoglund  Photo taken in Sweden
Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant Number 2076 (2)
Photo Number 2076 The Erick Hoglund Family
E Hoglund more children Crookston ant Number 2077 (2)
Photo Number 2077  The Erick Hoglund Children
I sent the photos off to Robert in Nova Scotia so he could take them to Sweden. 
Then Robert discovered I had more photos of his family.
Hans Johnson Family Crookston Antiques Number 2056 (2)
Photo Number 2056  Hans and Christina Johnson Family
Robert wrote:
My fathers dad died when my dad was 7 years old. He, his brother and mother went to Canada to be with his mothers family as she was born in Canada. Because of this we had very little contact with our American family. To now have pictures of some of our ancestors is awesome. Hans is my great grandmothers brother. Hans was born in Kallan (Transtrand) Sweden. In this photo are 5 boys. Hans and Christine had a girl also, but she died in 1894. Most likely in childbirth.
My daughter now lives in Sweden, is married and has a daughter born there. Another full circle.
Thanks Connie.

Older Couple Crookston Ant Number 2058 (2)
Hans and Christina Johnson  Photo Number 2058
Robert’s comment:
Small world. Hans Johnson/Johanson is my great grandmother Albertina Hoglund (Johnson) brother. Hans Johnson and Christine Stone (Steen) had six children. Hans was born in Transtrand Sweden May 10, 1860 by Swedish records. Hand written on information from the Hoglund family show he was born on May 13, 1860. I found Swedish records and family records sometimes don't match. Also there are name changes. Swedish records show Hanson as Hans and Christines children's surname. It can be a little confusing to trace family.
Thank you Connie for finding these photos. You have put faces to my ancestors.

Olga and Tillie Hoglund Crookston ant Number 2295 (2)
Olga and Tillie Hoglund Photo Number 2295
I knew when I saw this postcard that they were relatives of Erick Hoglund and lo and behold they were the little girls in the family photo. ( Photo Number 2077)

Robert wrote:

I took these photos to Sweden to show my daughters new Swedish in laws and they were very interested in the story of how they were found and of my family history. They really liked the one of Erick taken in Sweden. Thanks Connie. I have sent you correspondence by regular post.

I got a note in the mail from Robert:
Thank you so much for the photos of Hans Johnson and Family and Hans and Christine.  Hans is my Great Grandmothers brother.  Also the picture of Olga and Tillie (Matilda) who are daughters of Hans sister Christine Johnson (Hoglund).  Christine married my Great Grandfather Isaac Hoglund’s brother Erick Gustave Olson Hoglund and Isaac married her (Christine) sister Albertina Johnson (Hoglund) What a coincidence for you to have photos of both the Johnsons and the Hoglunds.
Sincerely Robert

Sometimes when photos are sold as part of an estate or someone doesn’t know what to do with the old photos they end up in antique shops.  Sometimes this is an intertwining family history…and I am more than happy to mail photos to relatives who appreciate them.  I know I would be thrilled to get a photo of my great grandparents!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. How wonderful to return so many photos to one family! Congratulations.

  2. Gave me goose bumps! So happy for the family.
    I of course do ancestry so know how thrilling
    it is to get photos of family.

  3. A wonderful story!! So glad when photos make it to family that wants them.

  4. What a wonderful story and collection. You did it again, Connie!

    Yes, I would be thrilled if someone found photographs of my great grandparents and the whole family. Who wouldn't?!

  5. I heard from Rob today
    Hi Connie

    Hope this email finds you well.

    Dell and his wife were able to visit Nova Scotia a while back and my wife and I met them for dinner and had a wonderful visit sharing our family trees, pictures and stories. I'm sure there wasn't anyone in Truro Nova Scotia more happy and excited as the two of us were. All this happened because of an old forgotten photo. Thanks again for your efforts to make something like this happen.

    Warm Regards



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