Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photo Number 2219

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Gal with dark glasses and a necklace DL Antiques

The round black glasses and beads kinda go together. 

She could be a sister to the gal with the glasses yesterday.  But the photos were found about 50 miles apart at two different antique shops.

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  1. If it wasn't for the shape of her lips, I would say this is the same girl but maybe the pics were a year apart. But, there is no way to prove that since there was no name on the photo.

  2. This style of frames must have been all the rage back then. Strange you would find two photos with what seems to be the exact same frames!

  3. Today, looking at the glasses, they do not seem at all too flattering.


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