Sunday, April 3, 2016

Full Circle 144

This is a Full Circle that began with a comment on the blog.  Jamie did a search and came up with a photo of her Great Grandfather J H Whitley. 

Hello! I am so delighted that you have posted this photograph of my great grandfather! I would love to get a copy of this to go in my ancestry book.

I sent the photo off in the mail.
Craigs  Men with horses Number 1726  Full Circle 144
Charley Weathered and J H Whitley  Photo Number 1726
I heard from Jamie:
I just received the picture! You my lady are just flat awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this!
I am working on getting more information about the two men in the picture.
Can you tell me how it is that you came across it? It may help connect a few dots on our end.
Thanks a bunch!

I wrote back that the photo came from an antique shop in California.
Craigs  Men with horses back Number 1726
Polly Knapp was the name on the back of the photo.

Jamie also shared a couple of stories about the men in the photo. ( They are brothers in law.  Howard Jessie Whitley married Charles Louis Weathered’s sister Laura.)

Yes! That is where Aunt Polly lived. So it makes sense. My Aunt said,"Loved going to Uncle Charley's house! That's where we chased the Guineas until they croked. They had a huge, beautiful staircase in the house. Probably wouldn't seem so big now"
This Charley would be her Great uncle.

Here is a story my uncle remembers my Grandfather telling: 
"I remember dad telling about the huge barn that uncle Charlie had, housing multiple teams of mules. He shared a story(probably before his time) of Charlie jumping out of the hay loft with an umbrella into a pile of hay. I doubt if the umbrella was much of a parachute!"

What makes this so funny is that this particular Uncle jumped off the chicken coop with a sheet as a parachute! Lol funny how they all do the same things. 

Use what you like, I'm learning so much about this 2x Great Uncle. Thank you for encouraging this group to pull up some memories:) my husband is going to try to darken the picture using the computer, if he can bring forward more detail I'll send you a copy on here.  Jamie
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  1. The dream of flying a parachuting gently to earth is common to a lot of guys I fell hard and hurt myself badly from the height of a picnic table, thankfully it was no higher!

    A wonderful full circle story!

  2. It must be so very satisfying to post photos and find homes for them with descendants of those in the photos. It's such a great service!

  3. What wonderful memories passed down the generations--saving the stories is so valuable! What a great Full Circle!


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