Monday, January 7, 2019

Photo Number 3166

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Talberts and Gladys Pederson DL ant

Talberts and Gladys Pederson DL ant back

A Merry Christmas from Talbert + Gladys Pedersen

It was mailed to Master O E Thompson RFD 43 Earlville, Ill

Postrmarked San Francisco Cal 1911 on Dec 19  3 30 AM

The photographer may have been Logemann Bros  34243 Mission St S F

There is another stamp  WOR PANAMA PA EXPOS 19  ??

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  1. As if the little fella wasn't cute enough, he had to go and turn his little foot just so. So cute.

  2. 1920 US Census, San Francisco, CA; Ola Pederson, age 47, Gurina Pederson, age 34, son Talbert, age 11, daughter Gladys, age 9, son Loyll, age 5. Ola immigrated to the US in 1896 and Gurina in 1905.

  3. On the 1930 census, the children's names were updated to Perry T., Olga G., and Lloyd O.

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  5. Oh, that picture wins the prize for Too Cute!!!

    I was wondering whether the stamp mark might have been referring to the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, but the dates would be all was held in 1915, and the postmark was 1911. Unless...perhaps it was an early promotion?

    Oh I bet one of Talbert's descendants would just cherish having this postcard. Adorable.

  6. much info as this photo contains, you'd think there would be more on someone named Perry Talbert Pedersen. All I can find is that he died in 1990...but not where...and that he worked for the Matson lines, and was probably in the Merchant Marines. About the only family tree I can find him on is done by someone in Norway who appears to be a diligent researcher...but not necessarily a close relative :(

    Hope someone can add to that.


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