Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Photo Number 2418

The following photos are unidentified photos from blog reader Teresa.  She sent me digital copies and will return photos to relatives if they are claimed.
A First Communion photo from a Studio in Toledo Ohio, possibly a relative by the last name of Drozd.
1920’s possible Oberts relative
This one is an unknown Obert’s wedding.   I think the groom is in the previous photo.  It was taken in Washburn Wisconsin most likely in the late 1920’s.
This photo is most likely from the same Johnson Studio in Washburn Wisconsin.  It is also a possible relative named Obert. I think it is from about 1918 or 1919.  Skirts were shorter then and flower bouquets were still large.

Teresa wrote:
These are the ones I have that I can't ID for sure. The 2 from Johnson Studio are likely from Wisconsin (one says Washburn) but the others may either be from Wisconsin, Ohio (one from Toledo) or even sent from overseas (likely Poland). The names Oberts and Drozd and dates are just guesses.
And yes, I'll have the originals (they are at my parents' house).
Some pretty great photos!

I don’t think any are foreign photos.
If you know any of these people please leave a comment here.
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  1. The photographer of the first photo is: Find A Grave Memorial# 136227632 He was working at the address on the photo sometime before the 1920 US census up to 1940+

    If the boy is a Drozd, it would seem likely this is Paul Drozd. His WWI registration says he was medium in height and build and had blue eyes. His daughter married an Obert. (Find A Grave Memorial# 74635207)

    1. Thanks for the info about the photographer! Paul Drozd is actually my great grandfather and he didn't move to the US from Poland until 1912 at the age of 20 so this is not him. He also didn't have any sons (4 daughters including my grandmother).

  2. According to the 1920 US Census there was an Obert Family living in Washburn Wisconsin....Timon or Simon born 1887 in Poland, Immigrated in 1912
    Wife Catherine born 1895 Poland, immigrated in 1916
    Children Francis (male) born 1918 Wisconsin
    Frances (female) born 1919 Wisconsin.....


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