Friday, November 11, 2016

Photo Number 2415

This is a photo from the antique shop in Fergus Falls Minnesota.
Kenny Nelson FF ant
Fluoretone Portrait Studio of St Paul and Minneapolis took this photo.
Kenny Nelson FF ant back
October 1946  Kenny Nelson
I will guess that this fellow was in the Medical field…a Doctor? a Medic? 
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  1. Thank you for all the post of these Veteran's

  2. This is not him - but we honor his service also.

    There are maybe 10 possibles. I think if I have time, I will further investigate a Kenneth H Nelson (b. 1917) - who's enlistment record indicates "Reserves - exclusive of Regular Army Reserve and Officers of the Officers Reserve Corps on active duty under the Thomason Act (Officers and Enlisted Men -- O.R.C. and E.R.C., and Nurses-Reserve Status)".

  3. Yes I looked through the Kenneth Nelsons...there are a few just in Minnesota.
    The link to the gentleman that was with the Carlson Raiders was very interesting, a good read on Veterans Day! :)

  4. Possibly:

    1. Yes that is a good possibility! :)

    2. I may have found his granddaughter Meghann on Facebook I sent her a message. We will see what happens next. The photo in the obit sure looks like it is the same person.

  5. Hello!! You contacted my daughter Meghann via Facebook and she was so thrilled!! However, this isn't a picture of her grandpa Ken Nelson (my dad!!) He was in the military, but didn't wear glasses in his military photo.
    I will send you an email with his photo - as I am unable to load it here!!
    These old photos are great! What fun to have them and research them.

  6. Hi Connie

    Attached is the photo of my dad - Ken(ny) Nelson.

    This was taken around 1945 (we think)

    It is so fun to look through all of your old photos and Full Circle's!!

    thanks for trying to connect the dots for photo 2415 - however, he is not OUR Kenny!!


    Sara Nelson


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