Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Photo Number 2384

This is a snapshot from a Flea Market in Grand Rapids Minnesota.

Corn Palace Mitchel SD Grand R Flea Mkt

This is the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota.  The year is 1950 as you can see in the design.  The whole building is covered in corn.  I was at the festival in 1972 it was really something to see.

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  1. I live just a few blocks from the Corn Palace and just attended a concert there about a week ago. Love the murals, and really enjoy the yearly festival. They have a wonderful display of old photos of past years inside.

  2. Well, even if the building didn't say 1950, you sure could tell it from the cars!

  3. Between the building and the cars, this photo is an eyeful!

    1. The building itself really is "an eyeful". Each mural is entirely made of corn and native grasses. The colored corn is grown specially for the Corn Palace by locals. The murals are designed by a local artist and installed by volunteers.


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