Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo Number 1256

This is a  photograph from the third antique shop in Dorset Minnesota.

Pr Wedding 1914 photo three

A unknown wedding party.  The photographer was J. Tessman from Wadena Minnesota.   He was in business there in 1914.

The groom is resplendent in a three piece suit with a white bow tie,  a watch fob and a corsage.

The brides wears a non white gown trimmed in lace.  A bouquet of flowers rests in her lap, she wears a corsage and there are flowers on her floor length bridal bonnet.

The attendants have flowers and bear an uncanny resemblance to the bride and groom respectively.  ( They could be two sets of twins?)

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  1. You seem to have an unending supply of wedding photos!

    This one is quite "distinguished"!

  2. Good heavens! They do look like two sets of twins!

  3. Such beautiful to think they might be twins!


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