Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo Number 1241

This is a Cabinet Card that I purchased at the antique shop in Duluth Minnesota.

Cabinet Card Wedding holding hands Duluth antiques

Thomas was the Photographer in Negaunee Michigan.

They are holding hands.  She wears a gown trimmed in lace at the upper part of the bodice and the sleeves.  She also wears a rather large bow at her waist.  He wears a suit with a vest/waistcoat, and his shoes look brand new.  He wears a flower and she may have a flower on the left side of her lacy bodice.  I wonder what color her dress was?  I will guess that it was dark grey or brown so that she could wear it again.

I will guess that this Cabinet Card was made in 1893 or 1894.

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  1. These clothes are very flattering. Her waist is so tiny!

  2. It's a beautiful dress. I have a Godey's magazine and one of the dresses shown is a grayish lavender....wouldn't that be pretty?


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