Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photo Number 1233

This is a Real Photo Postcard from my daughter Jen, she purchased the card at an antique shop in Grand Forks North Dakota.
Postcard Walker 1913 from Jen
A lovely old postcard.  Complete with a lady that can grow all kinds of plants, a girl with a doll and a boy on his toy horse.
Postcard Walker 1913 from Jen back
It was sent July 1913 from  Agusta Wisc  to a Mr and Mrs Walker of 3408 E. 39St. Minneapolis Minnesota.
Postcard Walker 1913 from Jen back
Mama and Dad,
I hope you folks got my card letter I got yours. Yes today we went to Pettis Vill ( Pettis Village) that’s two miles from Fairchilds.  That’s where all of Charlys folk live.  Saturday I went to Oseo (Osseo) with Florence and Theodore that’s that girl and her fellow where we play croquet.  We had a fine time.  That’s too bad that Mrs. Johnson died.  I will write a letter tomorrow.  My I’m sleepy this morning.  We got home at 12 last night.  Love from Gracie
My best guess is that Gracie (Grace) Walker married Charly (Charles) someone around 1900.
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  1. I think the town names are as follows: Augusta, Eau Claire County; Osseo; Fairchild; and Pettis Village (which does not seem to exist anymore, might have been named after a large family named Pettis which lived in/near Fairchild which contains a Charles Wilfred Pettis who had 10-12 brothers and sisters, and had 4-5 sons... but not married to a Grace.)

  2. I love this one!


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