Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photo Number 1212

This is a Cabinet Card from a Flea Market.

Cabinet Card Dakota Territory kids Flea Market

The photographer was Stuart in Lisbon, Dakota.  North Dakota a became a State on November 2, 1889 so this photograph was taken before then.

Three cute little boys, the littlest one with a pair of those striped socks that were popular 1884 to 1889.  I wonder if the littlest one was told to put his hands in his pocket so that he would hold real still.

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  1. Love that his hands are in his pockets. The little boy on the left sure has a lot of hair!

  2. I love this. What a trick it must have been to get three little boys to stand still together long enough to take the photo!

  3. Thanks for the date range on those striped stockings. I have a little guy dressed in those--unidentified, of course--and maybe this will help with guesses.


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