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Photo Number 1225

This is another Real Photo Postcard from Jen, she purchased it at an Antique Shop in Grand Forks North Dakota.
Postcard Anna Olson from Jen
Two darling little girls each with a bow in their hair.  The youngest standing on a chair.
Postcard Anna Olson from Jen back
Greetings from your school mate Anna Olson
Addressed to : Miss Mable Johnson Angus Minn.
This Cyko Postcard is from 1904 to the 1920’s.
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From Iggy:
This may be "our" Anna Olson born May 3 1900 to Elling and Jakobie Olson.  She married Frank Hamrick December 17, 1923.  They had four children.  Darrell married Viola Pearson, June married Ray Edgar, Warren married Dorothy Flaten and Lowell married Shirley Mykkleby


  1. Angus, Minnesota is truly a "fly speck" on the map and a crossroads. Perhaps someone can find a specific Olson or Johnson from there (but I won't hold my breath!)

  2. :)

    Fanny Township is 6 miles north of Angus.

    "Mr. Buffington acquired two and a half sections of land in Fanny Township in 1880. Until nearly 1950 that land was called the Buffington Farm. Mr. Buffington taught Sunday School in school District 77 on land now owned by William Volker. Often he walked to this school. a distance of about three miles. Most of his pupils did likewise. Just how long Mr. Buffington operated this farm. Mr. Rutherford does not remember. He remembers it best when Mr. Berthhold owned it. Mr. Berthhold expanded his holdings to nine and a half sections. Mr. Rutherford remembers seeing 11 5-horse drawn plows, followed by three harrows and three drills. At least 80 horses were needed for this immense project. There were three horse barns. The farm had both dairy and beef cattle. mainly to supply meat, milk and butter for the farm hands. So there had to be a cattle barn. too. There was a depot, elevator and huge outdoor scale. too. Very little grain was stored here. The grain was weighed and shipped out as it was harvested. A foreman was needed to run the farm . The one Mr. Rutherford remembers best was Peter Milan. A hired girl was also needed to help cook and clean for the men. The late Mrs. William Schipper, formerly Mabel Johnson, worked there for many years. She grew up on the neighboring farm."

  3. I think given the blurb on Fanny Township, Mabel Ann Johnson (b. May 9, 1893 in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota d. 1973) might be one of the subjects. Given the dating of the photo, I would think the older girl might be Mabel.

    Her Find A Grave Memorial# 42462757 shows the memorial is maintained by a Schipper. I will see if they can determine if the Mabel in the photo is "this Mabel."

  4. Sweet girls. Lovely dresses.

  5. I think this is Anna Olson...

    Her story is quite interesting. Helgeland is 8 miles from Angus, MN.

  6. Connie,

    I got a message this morning from a fellow Find a Grave contributor about your postcard of Mabel Johnson.

    Mabel is my husband's aunt by marriage, she married William "Bill" Schipper Nov 14, 1916 in Polk Co, Minnesota.

    Mabel's information is:
    Mabel Ann Johnson
    Born May 9, 1893 in Mankato, Blue Earth Co, Minnesota, USA
    Death Oct 27, 1973 in East Grand Forks, Polk Co, Minnesota, USA

    parents were Charles John and Emma Axelina Johnson

    I've contacted Mabel's granddaughter Carole, and forwarded her this link.

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful website, it's great. Thank you for talking the time to post old photos like this.


    1. Hi Evie! Hopefully we can find a relative of Anna Olsons..any ideas? Thanks for all you do as a Find A Grave Contributor! :)

  7. Dang it. This was a fascinating post.


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