Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photo Number 1227

This is another Real Photo Postcard gift from Jen, she bought it in an antique shop in Grand Forks North Dakota.

Darrell Olson Postcard from Jen

A cute little guy holding a top or some other toy in his hands.

Darrell Olson Postcard from Jen back


This postcard is not that is most likely from the 1940’s.

Darrell Olson ( I can hear Iggy groaning now..another Olson..they are hard to research because there are so many of them.)

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  1. Replies
    1. Do you suppose he goes with the Anna Olson..that we had the other of her brothers children? There could be some relationship of all these recent photos..they may have come from the same person..or estate:)

    2. Anna had four brothers, Alfred, Simon, Oscar, and Ellis - and Darrell may have been a nephew.

      Alfred had a son - apparently, late in life (his wife Ruth was much younger) and it would appear that happened after the 1940 US census. Perhaps Darrell - I have a pretty good feeling about this...

      Simon married an Alice C. Johnson which is probably just coincidence.

    3. Durn, Alfred's son's name was Gordon Meade Garfield Olsen (how's that for a mouthful?)

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