Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo Number 1224

This is a Real Photo Postcard from an antique shop in Grand Forks North Dakota, a gift from my daughter Jen.  She enjoys finding postcards to give to me.

Postcard from Alex and Clara from jen


Postcard from Alex and Clara from jen back

To Ellan Westover From Alex + Clara

Wishing you a Merry Christmas + New Year

This postcard was used from 1904 to 1918.

Your guess is as good as mine why three children are pictured..perhaps the To and From are all in the photo.

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  1. Or the From is the parents? But then why wouldn't they include the children's names? Interesting.

  2. I think Ellan is Ellen Westover (b. Sep. 9, 1876 in Canada d. Aug. 25, 1965 in Crookston, MN) a much older, single sister of Thomas James Westover, shown living in Lowell, Polk, Minnesota in the 1940 US Census. Her Find A Grave Memorial# 42463522.

    My theory is she was the Aunt - but I've no proof (yet.) I see an Alex Westover living in Vernon Center, Blue Earth, Minnesota who may have been her brother.

  3. Its a wild guess - but the three in the photo might be Marian 7, Alex 4, and Ida Crawford newborn (c. 1919), children of Alex and Clara Crawford of Niagara, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

    The Crawford and Westover families both came to the USA from the Perth and Lavant area of Ontario, Canada in the 1890s. Perhaps Ellan(?) was a friend of the family?

    1. It think this might be likely..the ages seem to fit. Three kids about the right age..and parents named Alex and Clara ..showing off their kids in a Christmas Greeting:)


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