Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Photo Number 2877

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Lucille and Beth 1915 DL ant

Lucille and Beth 1915 DL ant back


Lucille 4 yrs  Aug 4 1915 ( born in 1911)

Beth 3 yrs

Nov 1 1915 (born in 1912)

Taken Oct 10 1915.

This is an AZO postcard that was used from 1904-1918.

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  1. Someone with some real search capabilities (hint hint Iggy) could probably pull up some possibilities. I tried looking for a Lucille with that birth date and mother Anna, and there were some possibilities, but no exact matching birth date. I'll play around with it some more. Even without a surname, it is possible to locate a family of three with that info...except that not all records from that time period are online AND it would have helped to have a general location (even a state). Still, I keep thinking this one can find its way home. It would be nice to have a fresh Full Circle...

    1. There are, incidentally, 18 Lucilles with that birth date and 3 Beths with her birth date in the Social Security Death Index. At least that narrows down the possibilities...IF they died within the date range of that data set and IF "Beth" wasn't really Elizabeth or some other variant, not to mention whether either of those names was really a middle name. But still...


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