Thursday, September 29, 2016

Photo Number 2372

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Mattson Farm DL ant

Chickens in the yard and a nice porch.

Mattson Farm DL ant back

Mattson Farm near Atwater Lake Lillian

This was developed on Oct 11 1929.

The name of the photo service might be RAND

Mattson Farm DL ant back

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  1. Down near bottom


    1. This is a possibility:
      Anna (Olsdottor) Olson, had emigrated in May of 1869 at the age of 11 with her father, Larsved Olaf Mattson, born 20 nov 1827, and mother, Halvars Brita Olsdotter. They came from a small neighborhood called Larsved at the North shore of lake Moje and the Moje area is just east of the small town of Gagnef on the Dal river. There is a large and beautiful church there in Gagnef with a cemetery holding the remains of ancestors of Lake Lillian people.

      Three of their children were born in Sweden and one in Lake Lillian.

      Larsved Brita Olsdotter born 1855 (not on the picture)
      Larsved Anna Olsdotter, was born 13 Sep 1858 in Moje, Gagnef, Sweden
      Olof Olson born 1860
      Ida Olsdotter Olson was born in Lake Lillian Jun 22 1871
      On Nov 15 1869 Lars Olof Mattson filed homestead at Lake Lillian in section 2. The first threshing machine in the town was a horse powered rig purchased by L. O. Mattson.

      Anna's Mother, Halvars Brita Olsdotter died in Jan 1885 followed by father, L O Mattson in Nov 1885. The Lake Lillilan Township Map of 1886 showed Mattson estate land in portions of sections 2, 3 and 11.


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