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Photo Number 2368

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.Bertha Bart DL ant
Logan was the photographer in Fargo Dakota. North Dakota became a State in 1889 so this photo was taken before that time.  Samuel H Logan was a photographer in Fargo from 1884 –1892.  His brother James took over the business in 1892 –1893.  IF this photo was taken in 1894 then they were using old cardstock and not advertizing for themselves who ever the photographer was.  I tend to think that the person marking the photo was off by a few years.
Bertha Bart DL ant back
Mother 1894
Mrs (Bertha ) Peter D Bart
I found Bertha Anderson Bart at Find A Grave.   She was born May 12 1861 in Norway and died December 4 1940 in Fargo ND.  Her father was Christian Obervo Anderson.  Her husband was Peter D Bart 1859-1929
Bertha had some siblings.  Andres C Anderson, Ingeri Christendotter Anderson Nelson and Carrie Roberg.  Bertha is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Fargo ND
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  1. I heard from Steve at Find A Grave
    Yes, Bertha is the sister of my great grandmother Ingrid (Emma) C. Anderson and I have seen this picture before. I know my uncle had traveled to and used to see her daughter Pearl. I think there may have been two daughters. I also remember at one time having seen a picture Peter Bart in his uniform. Is this something you do for local history of Fargo? I grew up in Vernon county Wisconsin and we had a Fargo here too. Not as well known as yours (ha).

    Thxs Steve


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