Friday, April 5, 2019

Photo Number 3254

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Walker Minnesota.

Eggan was the photographer at 251 Cedar Ave So Minneapolis Minn
This was quite a group of photographers...brothers maybe or cousins. Halvor Eggan 1887-1888, Ole P  1890, Sever P 1896-1915 and then Stephen all show this same address in Minneapolis.   I will guess that this is Ole P Eggan's work...from the initials on the Cabinet Card.
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  1. Sweet photo! 251 Cedar Ave S is where Grandma's Saloon (restaurant in a very old building) was, in the Seven Corners area. It was torn down a few years ago, replaced by apartments. Very few of the old buildings from that era are still around.

  2. Interesting about the photographer's initials. I would have merely assumed it was a fancy logo. I'd never have guessed that the letters stood for the photographer's name!


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