Monday, May 28, 2018

Photo Number 2960

These are snapshots from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.

Rayann kennely MHd ant

May 27, 1943  Royann Kennelly

Rayann kennely MHd ant back

Royann Kennely Graduation Day May 27, 1943 Age~

Rayann Kennely and Eliz Vetter MHD ant

May 1943

Roy ann + Eliz Vetter

Rayann Kennely and Eliz Vetter MHD ant back

Royann Kennelly and her Aunt Mrs Vetter  May 1943

I did a quick search and found her obituary: Royann Kennelly August 03, 1925 ~ Nov 05, 2017

She was the daughter of Roy and Helen (Breen) Kennelly.  Royann graduated from Bismarck North Dakota High School in 1943.  She had sibilings Estelle, Helen and D. Breen.

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  1. Well, that's a rarity to find photographs with so much information! Enough to locate her obituary, even. Here's hoping this becomes a Full Circle photo set. It's been a while...


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