Sunday, June 5, 2016

Photo Number 2259

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
John and Arlie DL ant
A H Opsahl was the photographer at Cor.Wash. & 15th Ave. S Minneapolis
I found him at 1501 Washington Ave South from 1891 –1898
John and Arlie DL ant
He wears a frock coat, white bow tie, he has a boutineer and wears white gloves.  She wears a light colored gown and her bridal bonnett has tendtrils of greens, she had a very large corsage on her dress and a bouquet.
We have a name with this one.
John and Arlie DL ant back
John + Arlie Swaison
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  1. Well, this one's going to be a challenge, even if the name is there. I thought Swaison was going to be an easy one, since it is somewhat different (I found one by that surname--not our couple--and it said he was from Finland). But nothing with John and Arlie.

    And it's not like the surname was written sloppily or anything puzzling. It's pretty clear. Maybe it got mangled in all the official records and that's why we can't find anything :(

  2. I think it is more likely the name is Swanson.


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