Thursday, August 17, 2017

Full Circle 159

This Full Circle began with a phone call.  Yes, a phone call.  It was Bruce and he said “Connie is it you that has the Forgotten Old Photos Blog?”  I said “yes”…it seems I featured a photo of his Grandfather and his Dad.  He stumbled onto the photo from a Google search.

group photo DL ant Number 2000 (2)

Photo Number 2000

Bruce’s Dad is one of the little boys in the front row.

It seems this family photo was sold by an Aunt to an antique buyer…and I bought it from the antique store.

Bruce lives about 10 miles from me, he is a very accomplished fiber artist.  In fact he was the one who got my spinning wheel spinning.  I knew his Mother quite well.

I was very happy to return this photo to him.  Bruce was thrilled that this photo was saved!  He gave me 5 pounds of Wild Rice in exchange for the photo!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful full circle story!

  2. It is a good full circle store. Plus you gets food.

  3. Well you're set for the winter! Chicken and rice. Rice pilaf. Risotto...

  4. Full Circle stories are always wonderful, Connie...but to have it benefit someone whose family you know makes it doubly special.

    I sometimes wonder if learning more about how antiques enter the buying/selling cycle in the antiques business might help understand how these things end up where they do. I'm certainly curious about that photo album I found--it sure ended up a long way from home!


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