Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Full Circle 155

This Full Circle began when Iggy left me a link to Find a Grave, I left a message at an email address there. Photos there had been added by a family member, in this case a cousin but he sent me an email address of another cousin who was a Grandson.

I wrote:

Hi  I have a blog that features a old photo every day. 
Your cousin thought you might be interested in  a photo of Katie Kiplinger?  Or K Hazel? 
Here is the link.  I am happy to mail you the photo if you would appreciate it.  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Hello Connie,
 What a grand project you have undertaken!

  I appreciate the effort.

  I would be glad to have the photo. I’m not sure that it is my grandmother, but it must be. My grandfather grew up in Waterloo, IN, which is the next town from Auburn. They lived in Denver. I’ve never heard of her being called Katie, but it fits. I have a distant cousin that moved to MN. Maybe that’s how it got there.

What do you want for the photo? If not for you, I can make a donation from PayPal.  
   Thanks indeed!
   Katie Kiplinger Auntie Flo ant Number 2558
Photo Number 2558  Katie Kiplinger
Hi Ken, So happy to hear you want the photo!  I will get it in the mail on Friday.   I looked for a long time at the two photos at Find A Grave.  They were taken at such different ages.  She was so tall!!
I usually send  one photo to family with no charge, it is a kindness to pass on someday to someone else.   I do appreciate reimbursement for postage, but it is not necessary.   Donate something to someone someday!

I hope you will let me know when you get the photo.  I usually write a Full Circle Post after the photo has gone “home”  so anything you would like to share about her would be great... I enjoyed reading her obituary she lived a good long time .

Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

I sent the photo off in the mail.

HI Connie,
Thanks so much for the photo! 
My grandmother was an amazing woman in her time. She was a school teacher before she got married. 
She was incredibly active in the Colorado State Grange. I believe that she was the first woman president of that organization. A little research could probably prove that. 
She WAS tall for a woman of that time, but I think only 5’7” at her peak. My grandfather was only 5’2”, so she looks much taller in the photo of the two of them. 
She was in a weekly bowling league into her 80’s. 
She was very active in community drives during WWII, as she had 2 sons involved in the war, as a bomber navigator and also a medic. 
She was very active in the local Methodist church. 
She was a prolific canner. Having survived Then Great Depression, she let nothing go to waste. I have never had pickled crabapples anywhere else. They were amazing! When she moved to a nursing home for her final years, we cleaned out the cellar, and there were food items from 20 years previous in there. I even ate some.
My grandparents ran a subsistence farm until the 60’s, when they started selling off their land in the Denver suburb of Wheat Ridge. My father used to say that during the depression and WWII, they would sell butter to buy margarine. 
I hope this gives a little insight… 
Thanks again!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. your blog is still actively finding old photos homes. wow.

  2. It's always exciting to see an old photo make its way back home, but to have a story of an interesting life attached to it is certainly a bonus!

  3. Congratulations on a job well done. Excellent work.

  4. What a great life story - I love the glimpses into the lives of the forgotten photos!


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