Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Full Circle 152

This Full Circle began with a Google search.
Gordon and Lucille Johnson Dl ant Number 1996 (2)
Lucille and Gordon Johnson  Photo Number 1996
I mailed the photo to Shirley in Ohio.

She shared the following with me.

Greetings!  Isn't it amazing what a Google search can turn up???!!!  What a wonderful occupation you have in your retirement.  Thank you for your efforts in reuniting old photos with their families.  Shirley

Hi, Connie,
Received the photo last week.  Thank you so much for sending it.  I told my sisters about it and one of them has the same photo.  I didn't realize it.  
I asked her to share a bit about her Father.

Daddy served in WWII and in the Japan occupation after.  Then he came to northern Illinois to work at Johns Manville.  Aunt Lucille was a farmer's wife and we spent many memorable summer vacations on the farm outside Detroit Lakes.  She made the best doughnuts and sugar cookies!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is so much fun..thank you

  2. Love those Full Circle reports!

    I know we talked about the fastest turn-arounds you've had...but I wonder what were the longest times between posting a photo and having a relative contact you to claim it. This one seems to be a longer one. But Shirley is right: that Google search capability is wonderful! You never know when someone will stumble upon one of your posts...years later even...and come calling.


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