Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Full Circle 148

This Full Circle posts begins with a search and an email.

I stumbled across photo 39 on your blog. Margaret Peters Bauer is my great great aunt.  Her sister is Lucy Peters Bauer, who was my great grandmother. They married brothers: Lucy married John Bauer- my great grandfather, and Margaret married  John's brother, Joe Bauer. Do you happen to still have the photo? I showed it to my mom, who is very much into genealogy and she really enjoyed seeing it.
You have a great blog- I love all the old photos!

I wrote back that yes I still had the photo and I would mail it as requested to her Mom in Illinois.
Margret Peters SD Photo copy Photo Number 39 and Full Circle
Photo Number 39 featured on November 29, 2009.  Margaret Peters

Anne shared what family history she could recall.

I asked my mom to provide some more info on Margaret's history, but in the meantime I will tell you what I recall. My mom's father was Phillip Bauer. His parents were Lucy and John Bauer. Lucy is Margaret's sister and John is the brother of Margaret's husband, Joe Bauer. I believe they were married on the same day  in a joint wedding and lived together in Harmon IL for awhile afterwards. Margaret and Joe, along with their son Clarence, are buried in the Bauer family plot in Harmon, IL. I am unsure about her other children, but my mom says many  of her descendants live in the Chicago area. I believe my mom has traced the Peters family all the way back to Germany. 
Thanks again!

I also heard from Anne’s Mother Mary Beth:

Dear Connie:
Thank you so much for being so thoughtful to see that old photos find a home.  How many times I have been to an auction and seen homeless photos, thinking that it was too bad someone didn’t care for them.  However as a genealogist I realize that a photo without a name is almost useless if you don’t know the person in the photo.  I have a large box of those from my husband’s family.

Margaret’s picture – Margaret appears to be wearing her wedding dress, however, in her wedding picture her hair is arranged differently.  She was married in 1908.  I have a copy of an older picture of her wearing a high collared dress.  She must have preferred them.

Margaret was the 5th of 7 children.  Two of her sisters married Bartle brothers, two of her siblings married Grennam siblings, and her husband was a brother to my grandmother.

Margaret and Joseph lived on the Bauer family farm in Harmon, IL until retiring to Dixon.  They had two children Clarence and Catherine.  Margaret. Joseph and their son Clarence and grandson Robert are buried with Joseph’s parents in a small cemetery in Harmon.  Half of my great grandparents children settled in South Dakota near Sturgis.  So the pictures must have traveled to them.  Clarence’s wife Audrey is still alive and I know she will be interested in the travels of the picture of Margaret.

Thank you so much!  Mary Beth

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  1. Absolutely wonderful that this has been returned to a family that wants it and will cherish it.

  2. Photo 39? wow! This has to be one of the oldest to go home!

    1. I was just thinking that myself! This has got to take the record for orphan photo with the longest time elapsed from post to discovery. Glad it was discovered! And by a random search, as well!


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