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Photo Number 2165

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Myrtle Jenkin Craigs
Myrtle Jenkins Teacher in Edgar High Edgar Nebr
I wonder what she taught?  I will guess English.
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Update from Iggy:
Myrtle J, Jenkins Galt born 1890 in Nebraska died December 7 1937 in San Farncisco California.  She married Stuart Clark Galt they had a son Kenneth Lee Galt born June 23 1924 and died October 15 2003


  1. Myrtle Jenkins married Stuart C Galt,and had a son named Kenneth Lee Galt

    Race: White
    Birth Date: 23 Jun 1924
    Birth Place: Edgar Clay, Nebraska
    Father Name: Stuart C Galt
    Mother Name: Myrtle Jenkins
    Death Date: 15 Oct 2003

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    1. Wow! Where she was buried is not far from me. Interestingly, it is not far from the city of Galt, either. Made me wonder whether this was a family with longstanding roots in the area...but it turns out the city of Galt was named for another city, not a person. Oh, well...it was a thought.

      Perhaps her high school yearbook will turn up in one of those online collections and it can tell us what subject she taught.

      She didn't live long, either. From online records, looks like she had a brain tumor and meningitis. So sad.

      Records show her parents' names were Byron Jenkins and Mary Parkyn, both of New York State, if that is of any help.

  3. http://www.sfgenealogy.com/boards/mcobits/archive1/1928.html

    1. Interesting...so this was a pioneer family in the region. Thanks for finding that, Iggy!


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