Saturday, June 6, 2015

Photo Number 1924

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Alexandria Minnesota.

Unknoiwn Coupl Cab Card  Alex Antiques

H.W. Lawrence of Mantorville, Minn was the photographer.

The Minnesota Historical Society has no mention of this photographer. I emailed them a copy of the photo so they can update their information.

I will guess that this photo was taken about 1895.

Unknoiwn Coupl Cab Card  Alex Antiques

The groom wears a three piece suit, he has a fob for a watch and a flower in his lapel.  He may be holding her hand behind her back?  The bride shows her ring.  She wears a gown not light colored or dark colored.  The gown has huge sleeves popular in 1895, the bodice has several trims, bows and flowers, at her waist is something white perhaps a bow.  She wears a full length bridal bonnet trimmed in flowers.

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  1. Photo 1796 is another one by H W Lawrence.

    1. Thanks you remember better than me and I suppose they will think I am a weird person emailing twice about the same photographer...oh well:)

  2. I think that is a handkerchief at her waist. Perhaps, it was something "borrowed."

  3. That list of Minnesota photographers at the state historical society is so helpful. You certainly are helping by adding to their records, too.

    It does seem that that pose is somewhat unusual. At first, I wondered, as you did, about their arms, but I had thought perhaps they were standing arm in arm. However, looking more closely, it seems each individual has that arm folded back behind their own back.


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