Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo Number 1864

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Anna Akin CRaigs
Anna Akin
Anna Akin CRaigs back
Anna Akin CRaigs
This photo was most likely taken in about 1895.  She has quite large wings on those shoulders.
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  1. Not sure if this is her, but there are some similarities in the facial structure, especially the eyes. It is harder To tell when comparing a photo and a painting. Birth:1828 North Carolina, USA Death: Apr., 1904
    Wife of Benjamin James Martin Akin
    Burial: Masonic Cemetery, Trinidad, Las Animas County,Colorado, USA

    1. Following your search Sue, I left a public message for Mickey at Find a Grave, who posted the image of Anna Akin there. She is his G-G-Grandmother. Let's hope!

    2. Thanks Susanna Rosalie for leaving a message. Now we wait:)

    3. Thank you Susanna, for following up. I was on my way out the door when I posted, and didn't have time to do much. Hope we hear something. :-)

    4. I realy would like a copy of this. She was my great, great, grandmother. How do I do this?

    5. I sent you an email and await your response!

    6. Kenneth, I mailed the photo today April 3 2017

  2. I was just looking at the Find A Grave memorial Sue comments on, thinking this person sure looks the same. There are two "flowers" left by family members on the memorial - who might be able to say if this is her or not. Click on their names to get their email addresses.

    There are a half dozen or so other possibilities.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 18291585 is on the west coast and would be my second choice.


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