Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photo Number 1345

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Ed Mormon Illinois

C. T. Landauer’s at 818 S Adams Street Peoria Illinois was the photographer.

This fellow is wearing a flower, so perhaps he was getting married?

Ed Mormon Illinois back

Ed Mormon

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  1. I find an Edward Mormon living in Waukegan, Illinois per the City Directory of 1905. He is listed as an Agent for the Chicago and Northwesterm Railroad. This railroad had a branch line to Peoria (but I am uncertain what year it "got there.")

    There is also an Edward Mormon living in Gold, Bureau, Illinois, born about 1876 in Belgium according to the 1910 US Census - but he has no other record, nor are there any for his wife, Hortance and three daughters (Salina, Gustina, and Elma.)

    Gold, Illinois is 70 miles from Peoria. I'm not sure if these two records are for one and the same person - it is very difficult to search for him since "mormon" is such a "key word". Find-A-Grave yeilds nothing.

  2. There is an Edward L. Meriman/Mariman with wife Hortense, born in Belguim in 1876 that turns up a few times on


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