Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo Number 1131

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the first antique shop in Dorset Minnesota.

Postcard Man with hat Dorset1

A gentleman with a Newsboy cap which was popular 1890 to 1910.  The postcard is a Cyko from 1904 to 1920.  So I think we can say this is a photo from around 1910.

He seems to be wearing a celluloid collar..taller than most, this one may be called the “Clifton” collar.  These collars were detachable and one woman’s answer to ring around the collar on her husbands shirts.. a entire cottage industry was born..anyone with scissors, fabric and workspace could create a collar.  Collars were stored in a collar tin or circular cardboard box.

I have heard wearing one of these stiff collars was akin to having your neck in a vice.

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  1. Oh my aching neck!!! This is interesting - never heard of these collars before.
    Wishing you guys a good weekend.

  2. "I have heard wearing one of these stiff collars was akin to having your neck in a vice"

    Hello there
    No wonder he has a very pained look on his face!
    Being a family history buff I love this blog and am so happy that sometimes you are able to find new homes for your fogotten old photos
    Take care

  3. Handsome looking man--all except for the vaguely worried expression on his face. Makes me wonder why...


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