Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo Number 983

This week we will look at some photos of people in hats.

Six Girls in Hats DL Antiques

Six girls with hats.

Six Girls in Hats DL Antiques back

1.  Kate Kohased

2. Grace Weston

3.  Grace Beaulieu Smith

4.  Flo Mix

5. Sarah Beaulieu Brouchaud

6.  Grace Hart

Some of these gals were in an earlier photo.  Photo Number 973

This is a possible ID for two of the girls.

Grace J Beaulieu (b. abt 1885) of the tribe White Earth Miss (White) on the Reservation: White Earth Chippewa. Agency: Con Chipp

Sarah Beaulieu (b. abt 1879) of the tribe Red Lake Chippewas (Native American), Agency: White Earth, MN.


E. A. Weston is elusive.  I found a John T. Weston in Minneapolis in the early 1900’s. 

Since one of the gals is named Grace Weston..I assume that this was some kind of advertising photo, perhaps these were all Grace’s friends and he was just practicing his photography.

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  1. An interesting photo with so much to study: the hats, the dresses, the hair styles, and how each woman is holding her hands.

  2. There is a Florence Mix (FindAGrave Memorial #79966315) died Sep. 14, 1975 and is buried in Remer, Cass County, MN which may or may not be one of this young women showing us their backsides and hats.

  3. Very fun picture. A few years back, I had a tea party for our group of college girlfriends. Each of us "designed" a hat to fit our personality and we took photos similar to this!

  4. I believe that this is my favorite photo to date.

  5. You made me look with this one! Great pic!

  6. Well, I assume it's not the famous Edward Weston, photographer. In any case, it's a wonderful photograph.

  7. There’s Ebb. A. Weston, b. Aug 1873 and spouse Kitty Grace Mix, b.1877 who spent most of their lives in Minnesota; Much of that time in Beaulieu Township, Mahnomen, MN, a town of less that 400 citizens in the early 1900’s.

    Arthur and Sarah Bouchard were neighbors with Ebb Weston according to the 1920 census.

    Edward and Katie Kahosed (Kah-O-Sed) lived 11 minutes away from Ebb Weston in Chief Township, MN in 1910. Edward and Katie were married in 1907..

    Several people named Beaulieu in that area occur in every census from 1900 thru 1940.

    Grace Hart lived in Long Prairie, Minnesota in 1920, a couple hours away from Chief Township, MN.

    Right place, right time, right names BUT Ebb is listed as a grocer in every census. And Grace Mix had 12 siblings but none seem to have been named Flo. So confirmation is still unsure.

  8. Grace had a sister named Floral - but it seems she died long before this photo was taken.


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