Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo Number 541

This is another photograph from the antique shop in Solway, MN.

Interesting blouse Solway Antiques 

I picked this one because of her beautiful plaid blouse and or jacket, and her mussed up hair it looks almost windblown.

The photographer is A P Overland of Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  He was only at Fergus Falls for two years 1898 and 1899. 

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  1. Have you thought about displaying some of these photos in the museum to see if anyone in the area recognizes the faces?

  2. Hi Nancy, I have very few photographs that come from this area. Years ago, you had your photo taken and sent the photos away to relatives. Photographs that originated in this area are who knows where. I have one of a business in town that I purchased in a town 40 miles away, that I will donate. The Museum is overflowing with old photos. I will be featuring some of those on the Historical Museums Blog. :)

  3. I enjoy looking to see where some of these photos of yours were taken. Fergus Falls has a "Broken Down Dam Park" and is in Otter Tail County. Down the road is Peligan Rapids. So colorful!

    You might enjoy one of Anton P. Overland's photos of nurses:

  4. I agree: her plaid jacket is lovely!

  5. I wonder why she isnt looking at the camera?

  6. Thanks Iggy! Yes I did enjoy that old photo of the Nurses!! :)

  7. I also noticed she is not looking at the camera, I believe she may be blind?

  8. Connie, I was thinking of entering some of my photo collection in the county fair. Is that something you could do with yours?

    I think she is not looking at the camera because the photographer thought it would be artistic, no other reason. Her blouse is beautiful; I would have snapped up this photo too.


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