Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Number 443

This is another photo that was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Louis Wheller
This is another of those on the diagonal photos.
Extra Louis Wheller back
This is what is marked on the back.  Louis Wheller or Wheeler?
Earlier we had an empty page with this name on it.  Page eight.
Then to confuse both you and me…this fellow looks very much like a gentleman we looked at earlier in this album. 
Page 23 Louie Stennett Extra Louis Wheller
The photo on the left was in a pocket marked Louie/Louis Stennett..perhaps someone mistakenly put it in the Louis Stennett spot when it should have been in the Louie/Louis Wheeler spot.  The photo on the left is a cabinet card..perfect for a slot in the album.   The photo on the right is 3 inches by 3 inches.  Ha!  They even tie their tie pretty much the same way.

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Update from Iggy: 
Louis A Wheeler was related to Nettie L Parks - they were cousins via her mother's sister Amanda Saphronia.


  1. Louis A Wheeler was related to Nettie L - they were cousins via her mother's sister Amanda Saphronia.

    Its still a deep mystery who Louis Stennett is - and perhaps even a mystery as to what Louis Stennett looked like if there was an album pocket mix-up!

  2. I don't think they are the same person ,look at the ears.

  3. if it isn't the same person they are definitely related there isn't much doubt about that.

  4. I'm with Laurisa. Not the same guy, the eyes look different to me. But very likely that they are related.

  5. Lucius E. Stennett (b. 1870 in Red Oak, Iowa) married at the age of 29, Mary J. Inick (b. 1875 in Macedonia, Iowa) who was 24 years old on when she married on 30 Sep 1899 in Red Oak, Montgomery, Iowa.

    Lucius' parents were Chas. Stennett and Louisa Lowe. The bride's were Abram D. Inick and Elizabeth Reynolds.

    The married couple moved to Ashland, Oregon with the groom's parents shortly after the wedding. By 1910, they had one son and three daughters, Arthur 9yrs, Edna Stennett 7yrs, Ellaleen Stennett 4yrs and Opal Stennett 1 yr.

    Lucius grandfather, Wayne Stennett was one of the original settlers of Montgomery County, Iowa, moved there from Illinios around 1848.

    The bride's father was from Pennsylvania and it my theory that Lucius had the photograph found in the Nettie L Parks album taken while going to Pennsyvania to meet the bride's extended family before moving to Oregon. I see no link to Nettie other than her father came to Iowa to the same county around the same time from Pennsylvania. Perhaps they were related via the Pennsylvania branches of the family?

  6. Thanks Iggy,I am going to put the info on the post with Louie Stennet :)


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