Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Number 370

Foreign soldier Lake Park Antiques

This is a 1916 photograph.  I believe this photo is foreign.  Perhaps someone will recognize the uniform.  The photo is signed Briger 1916 and there is another smaller signature in pencil.

Foreign soldier Lake Park Antiques

I purchased this photograph at an Antique Shop in Lake Park, Minnesota.

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Last evening I received a phone call from a grandson of Arthur Wisness Photo Number 366. Tomorrow that photo is headed back to family.  It was a lovely way for me to make a tiny difference concerning a Veteran on Veterans Day:)


  1. Not sure about the uniform. I don't think its British - but I might be wrong.

  2. Woooo hoooooooooooooo! Another full circle!!


    This man looks either French (which that proud air) or Belgium-ese (whatever they call themselves) to me but the name "Briger" seems to be Austrian or maybe Hungarian/Russian.

    A noon hour project - to see what uniform that might be...

  3. I can't say if the uniform is swedish, but the first name Birger is.

  4. It is a shame that the photograph is not in color - and that the shoulders are not more visible so you can see the rank insignia. I assumed that the uniform was dark blue or grey - which may be a mistake, and that the single-breasted "standing collar" was edged with white trim. It seems kind of odd that there are no insignia in the collar.

    I've seen WWI USMC, Army Corp of Engineers, Army Engineering Medical Detachment, and french aviation uniforms which seem similar but "no cigar".

    The shoulder insignia are very ghosty in the picture - but could be 3 stars or bars or leafs - which may demote an officer of considerable rank (3 stars is a Lt General). The medical corp doctors were all officers... did you find this picture "stuck" to your one-legged Mystery Man "Jack"? ;)

  5. I think the name of the man is Birger, not Briger. Norwegians came over to Minnesota in the old days. Birger is a Norwegian male name.

  6. Old pictures are exciting! Who can imagine what storys they tell.

  7. That's wonderful. I bet this family was just overjoyed.


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