Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Number 287

Alva Horegesoy Bloom copy

This is one of those photos that bugs me, I should be able to find something out about this gal.  I couldn’t even find out anything about the photographer except that they were in Goodhue, Minnesota.   This is a Cabinet Card that I purchased in a local antique shop.  It is most likely from 1894 to 1900 because of the notched edges on the card.

Alva Bloom

This is what is on the back of the card.  Alva is not a womans name is it?  Could it be Alma?  The middle name is it Horegesog or Horegesag or Horegesoy or Horegerog?  Bloom now that is simple..and she was Mother’s Sister. Any input is appreciated!

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  1. She's so pretty. Look at those puffy sleeves! I'll check back to see if your detectives can learn more!

  2. There are 12796 female Alva's living in Sweden today and only two men.

  3. In the US Census 1910 I found the norwegian surname Haugesag. Maybe that's it. Solheim also sounds norwegian.

  4. Alva was a more common woman's name in the 1880's.

    Judging by the little a in Alva, the second letter in the middle name is an "a". I would think the third letter from the end of the middle name is an "r" and not an "s" which is formed differently in "sister".

    I'll do some looking later. I think maybe start with Alva H Bloom?

  5. Lesson learned: penmanship is very important and so is labeling all your photographs.

  6. I found an Alva Bloom born about 1875 in Lac Qui Parle, MN. Is that near Goodhue?

  7. She's very striking isn't she?

    Looking forward to finding out who she is.


  8. Goodhue is about 200 miles from Lac Qui Parle..that could be her Iggy:)

  9. I just took a tour of the listing of photographers - probably where you found your information too. My guess is based on the years of operation corresponding to the age of the photo, the primary photographer was Herman Larson. He had many studios and many partners over the years, but it seems like he kept reinventing himself with the same few partners.

  10. I went to college with a girl with the last name of Bloom. I hadn't thought of that for over 38 years. I have never run across that name ever again. She may have married and you may never find any family.


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