Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Number Forty -Three

This is probably Ruth..but she might be Gladys.

I believe that this photo was probably taken in the 1940's.  The Bawden Studio in St. Paul is elusive..I ran into a brick wall with this one.
 Graduation Photo?
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  1. It could be graduation; seems like the "girls" looked a lot older than they were during that time period.
    She sure is pretty.

  2. Whether she was a Gladys or a Ruth, she was attractive.

  3. There aren't any letters to compare in the handwriting but it looks like the same person wrote it. Maybe a friend later in life going back to identify pictures? I certainly could not go back and identify many of my high school classmates these days.

  4. There is a Bawden Studio listed in the 1940 St. Paul city directory. I think it was on Smith Ave., but I have misplaced my notes from that trip to the MHS.

  5. I have some theories on this one, but since it involves living people, I have sent you an email. ;-) ~Abra

  6. Dead the people I contacted are very sure that this is not a relative of theirs. :(

  7. I contacted Gladys..she did work in St Paul for a time before she was married. I described this beautiful gal to her over the parted down the middle, natural curly dark brown hair..a single strand of pearls and a blouse that might be white, ivory or pale pink that has lots of pleating down the front. I mailed her a copy of the photo if it is her..I will mail her the original. We will see what happens:)


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