Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo Number Forty-Seven

Clifford  M. Hursh and P.C. Hursh  are the names written on the back of this photo..with a fountain pen.   This photo could have been taken just about anywhere yet I suspect that it was taken in Minnesota..because of the clump Birch trees.  I will guess that this photo was taken around 1945.
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  1. Looks like were dressed up to go somewhere and getting their picture taken to mark the occasion. Clifford looks like a proud daddy. P.C. is certainly not interested in the camera. Her gaze is directed to something off to the side.

  2. I had a little case of insomnia, so I did some searching. Clifford Malcolm Hursch, son of Perry Clark (PC) & Ethel Hursh, born 25 Jun 1919, lived in/near Grand Rapids,Itasca County; married to Wilma Gertrude Geyer; had 2 daughters (one of whom I assume is in the picture--Christine Joan (1940) & Alice Marie (1941); Clifford & Wilma later divorced & Wilma remarried and had two more children in 1955 & 1956; her daughters from her first marriage (Alice & Christine), each had their first babies in 1959.
    Clifford passed away in 1990 in Columbia, SC. I do not know if he remarried or had other children, but if he did, it wasn't in the Minnesota records.

    In researching this, I come to think that when it states PC Hursh on the back, it is referring to the father of Clifford, not the daughter he is holding. I think people often labeled pictures like this in the past, identifying the 'family' the subject belonged to. Your guess of 1945 would be pretty close (I suppose 1942-1943 by looking at the size of the girl & knowing their birthdates), as would your geographic location (both girls were born in Itasca county, thus the birch & pines); later lived in Hennepin County, probably since this is where their mother originated and where she had her later 2 babies. Probably TMI, I know! Maybe I can sleep now. ;-) ~Abra


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