Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo Number Forty-One

This gal has a friend named Agnes.  This is a Real Photo Postcard.   This was a very interesting era in photography..you could have a postcard made out of any photo beginning about 1903. Kodak was instrumental in this process.

Someone cut the edges of the photo off..and in doing so part of the message is gone.  This card was never mailed..perhaps it was hand delivered to Agnes.  This Real Photo Postcard dates from 1904 to 1918.
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  1. That's interesting about the postcards.

  2. I have a few old family photo postcards from that era too. They are very durable.

  3. People in the small town of Murray, Iowa would send out a postcard to someone in the neighboring town in Osceola and the card was picked up by the mail car of the train. They could send back and forth once in the morning and get a reply in the afternoon. All mail was shipped out by the train on a mail hook, and the local mail got sorted and dropped in the next town instantly. It is neat you have writing on this one as it does give you an idea of the people.

  4. Thanks Larry! I was hoping that someone would give us some insight on these Postcards:)

  5. Pretty cool. I think I have a couple like that in some of the photos I scanned from my mom's photo box. I suppose these were the forerunners to the photo Christmas cards! ~Abra


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