Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo Number Twenty - Six

This is a photo that came my way by South Dakota.   It was taken in Sterling, ILL at Brown Studio.  EC Brown was the Photographer and he was a businessman in Sterling from 1888 to ?   I know he was in business in Sterling in 1896 and 1897 because he shows up in a list of businessman for those years.
Anyway, look at these kids..possibly brother and sister..I love his slicked down hair.. and isn't she just as cute as she can be with little ribbons in her hair.   I will date this photo at 1897..what do you think?
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*** Update: I found these names on the back of the photo Angela and Leo Franklin


  1. They looked like they even had a bath and are all cleaned up for the photo. It is sad that they are unknown but we can just appreciate them anyway. I had family in South Dakota for a while but they came south for a wetter climate.

  2. They have a strong likeness, like siblings. His hair-do makes me giggle and she is adorable.

  3. I go with brother & sister. Same eyes nose and chin. I love her overly frilly apron. :-)

  4. I am familiar with Sterling Illinois. It is a little burg my brother lived in once. The kids are really cute all dressed up and posing for this photo. I bet it took all the patience they had to stand still for it.

  5. I love her ruffled pinafore, too.
    Children photos of the past are my favorite ones!


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